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Basset_Hounds Male/Female:  Missing from Salmon Drive area in Forks!!!   Blossom: Tri colored female, and Wilson: Tan & white male. Both have collars and are Microchipped. Last seen around 4 pm Saturday (March 14, 2015). Call 780-2426 if seen or Port Angeles Pet Posse 360-775-5154.  UPDATE 3/30/15.  Blossom and Wilson have been found in Puyallup and are on their way back home!   

Dog/Labradors Male.  Found in area of Old Olympic Hwy and Mantle Road.  Older black lab male gray on the legs. with red collar, neutered.  Appears to have ear infection. Wearing a red collar.  He is with a black lab puppy estimated to be about 5 months old, neutered.  No collar.  Picture to be posted as soon as available.  Picked  up approximately March 24th.  Seeking owners. Posted 3/30/15.  

Chiweenie/Female Lily - Missing and last seen in area of 1403 South A St. in Port Angeles around 6:30 p.m.  She is tan in color. and friendly.  She is not spayed.  No collar, tags or microchip.  Owner is anxious for Lily's return.  Please contact Pet Posse if you have any information on this tiny dog - 360-775-5154 or owner at 477-9106.    Reported found 3/18/15.     Posted 3/27/15.

Min-Pin/Male Peanut     This little guy is a min-pin mix.  He's 6 years old, neutered.  Wearing a Star Wars collar and ID tags. Missing from 30 Silber Lane in Sequim, WA.  If found, or you know his whereabouts, please contact Pet Posse at 360-775-5154.   Posted 3/27/15.  REPORTED FOUND 3/28/15.

Blue-Heeler-Mix/Male - Waylon:  Blue Merle with white chest. Waylon is 2 years old. Just neutered 3/25/15. Wearing Red Collar with ID tags. He is wearing a cone attached to his collar. Worried he may get the cone/collar caught Lost in area of 3781 Lost Mountain Road near Taylor Cutoff (Sequim area). Call Pet Posse at 360-775-5154 or Kim at 360-565-6471  Waylon's owner reported he was found approximately 9:30 p.m. 3/26/15.   Very happy this boy is home

Boston Terrier/Male - Black and White.  Found in area of 10 miles Deer Park Rd. (Port Angeles).  No collar.  Not sure if neutered. Will post picture when received.  Please contact Pet Posse at 360-775-5154 if this is your dog or if you know who the owners are

Black Labs/Male - Found in area of Old Olympic Highway and Mantle Road (Sequim).  One male black lab puppy, no collar and one older neutered black lab male with red collar.  Older dog seems to have a severe ear infection. Please call Pet Posse at 775-5154 if you you own these dogs or know who their owners are.      Posted 3/26/15.

Australian Cattle Dog/Male - found 3/25/15 in the area of Kitchen-Dick road and Hwy 101.  This nice, friendly dog is neutered.  No collar or microchip. Would the owner please contact Pet Posse at 360-775-5154 or 452-6011.  Thank you.    Owner was located and reunited with her dog. 

Chocolate-Lab/Male-Yoda   Found 3/24/15.  Has ID tag with name Yoda.  No phone number or contact info.  Found running in the Mt. Angeles area.  Please call Pet Posse at 360-775-5154.    3/25/15 - Owner located.  Yoda and owner reunited.

Chihuahua/Black/Female- Pixie.  Lost 3/23/15 in area of Long House Deli/Chevron gas station parking lot on Hwy 10 in the Jamestown/Blyn area.   She is 8 months old, not spayed or chipped.  Black on body, tan on paws and eyebrows.   Please contact Pet Posse at 360-775-5154.  Pixie was reunited with her owner.

Mastiff/Male Brindle:  Found 3/19/15 in area of 1300 block of E. 4th St. of Port Angeles.  Brindle in color.  Intact male.  No collar or ID, no microchip.   Dog has been roaming loose in the area for awhile.  No photo available at present. Please contact Pet Posse at 775-5154.     Posted 3/19/15.  Owner has contacted Pet Posse.  Owner and dog to be reunited!

Boxer/Female Babygirl:  Escaped from cage  Wednesday, 3/11/15 in area of Ranger Road (Upper Elwha).  Babygirl is a 5 month old boxer puppy. She has a brown/black mask, white chest and white on paws.  Over all  body color light brown.   No collar or microchip.  If found please notify Pet Posse at 775-5422 or 775-5154 or Lacey at 360-565-6281.     FOUND on 3/12/15.

Walker Coonhound/Female - Lost last night up Taylor Cutoff in Sequim, her name is Lady Bird, she is not my dog but a family members. She has no collar on but is very friendly.  She is also in heat.   My # is 3604774344.  UPDATE:  Lady Bird was found this afternoon near her home.  3/28/15.

Dachshund/Dapple/Female    FOUND 3/7/2015.  Sadie is back home.  Sadie:  Dapple colored, long Hair, No collar.  Microchipped. Last seen in area of Dungeness and Meadow area.  Please call 797-1240 or 775-5154 (Pet Posse)  Posted 3/6/2015

Goldendoodle, male found with  Black Lab mix, female.  Black lab mix is wearing blue collar.  Found up in the Black Diamond area. Please call 775-5154.  Update 3/3/15:   The owner of these two dogs was located.  They are back with her as of this afternoon.

Boxer Male Roster - 1/28/2015.  Found on 1/29/2015. 

Dachshund/Chihuahua Puppy  Chubs, a 10 mo old Male Dachshund/Chihuahua mix.  Tan colored, looks like a Chihuahua. Microchipped, Not neutered, No collar.  He's been vaccinated and had Rabies shots.  Chubs is very friendly and not afraid of people. The family is looking for a picture of him, and will post later if found.  He was last seen February 11, 2015, on Black Diamond Road at an Abandoned house where he was heading toward the field.  The family is very upset, they miss him greatly and really need help to find and bring him home.  If seen call Amanda 452-8229 or Pet Posse 775-5154.  Chubbs has been recovered as of 2/17/2015!

Found - seeking owner:  Male beagle found near S. Peabody and Park near Port Angeles High School.  No collar or ID.  Is microchipped but information is not current with owner's name.  Please contact Pet Posse at 360-775-5154.  Dog and owner reunited on 2/28/2015!

Boxer Female Macy.  Loss in area of Wildcat Road and Hwy 101.  Five years old, microchipped, no collar.  Found 2/8/2015. Recovered by owner.

Boxer/Red/Female:  Collar with tag, no microchip.  1-1/2 to 2 years old, docked tail.  Last seen up by Cherry and Park in PA on 1/29/15.  Dog recovered, reunited with owner on 1/30/15.

Shepherd Mix/Male/Neutered  Found 1/31/15.  Collar with tags (rabies and Clallam tags).  No microchip.  Found Owner.  Dog returned on 2/2/15.

Cat/Calico/Boots - found and recovered by owner. 

Black Lab/Male/Found between Dry Creek and Lower Elwha River on 1/25/15.  No collar, no chip, not neutered.  Pet Posse was able to locate family.  Dog and family reunited 

Deer Chihuahua/Female 10 months old.  Missing in area between Fairmount & Bean Streets on 12/26/14.  Puppy found/recovered by owner on 12/18/14 

Chihuahua/Min Pin Mix/Male   Louie is a black and tan male.  No collar, however is microchipped.  Louie was recovered on 11/23/14 and reunited with his owner.

Chihuahua Mix/Black found at 8th and Cherry Streets.  Male, not neutered.  Owner located 1/16/15.  Pet returned

Chihuahua Mix/Female located in area of 8th Street Bridges.  Just weaned puppies.

Australian Shepherd/Dozer

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